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Winter Retreat: The Mystical Garden: How to Cultivate Unshakable Inner Peace

Welcome the new year with renewed spiritual growth. 

This powerful retreat will teach you how to cultivate a deep and stable inner peace in the midst of a hectic outer life. Many mystics throughout time have chosen a life of quietude and prayer but as modern mystics we have embarked on an even greater challenge: to integrate a deep connection with God and our own Soul into a modern world filled with over-stimulation and constant demands on our time and energy. In this retreat you will be lead by four Christian Mystical Master Teachers to find and cultivate a inner peace so powerful that it can transform your whole life into a mystical garden which will bear constant spiritual fruit.

This online retreat features the following topics:

Master Isadora will present: Creating a Home in the Mystical Garden: How to embark on, or deepen in, your journey into ecstatic union with God

Master Daniel will present: The Loving Gardener: How to cultivate your spiritual development from a foundation of self-love

Master Christi will present: Celebrating the Weeds: How to embrace and enjoy the chaos of everyday life

Master Isadora will present: A Season for Sowing and a Season for Reaping: How to create and support a natural and effortless flow of energy, growth and healing in your life

Master Katherine will present: The Garden Grows Itself : How to heal the “doing” addiction and revel in the power of “being”