Christian Meditation

People don’t often put Christianity and meditation together, but meditation is essential to Christian mysticism. Without learning how to still the mind and body, it would be impossible to quiet the outer distractions enough to have a real relationship with God.

What is Christian meditation? There are no special techniques that define Christian meditation, only that it is the practice of getting still and connecting to the source of love within. Often, we guide people to connect to Jesus and Mother Mary in meditation to feel their consciousness, personality and love. In our school, we sometimes say that meditation is the workbench of our spiritual practice. If you’d like to learn how to meditate, Introduction to Meditation & Christian Mysticism is designed for beginning meditators.

The Sophia Wisdom Centers also hold a 30-minute silent meditation before service and communion every day. Many people find that meditating in the resonant energy of a group of people who are being peaceful and connecting with the divine helps their concentration and makes it easier for them to go deeper in their meditations. While the daily meditation periods are usually silent, we also have guided meditations periodically, especially before classes and during spiritual seminars. In addition, students are taught visualizations and exercises they can do during meditation to increase their concentration and transform negative patterns and energy blockages.